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Don’t leave players out of your development cycle. 

PickFu helps mobile game developers, publishers, and app marketers get fast feedback on their games. 

From testing initial ideas and character concepts to app store icons, advertising, and post-launch assets, PickFu is the #1 feedback platform for hundreds of the world’s most successful game developers.

Break out of your bubble

Poll hundreds of gamers across multiple demographics, all in a matter of minutes.

Capture sentiment from the consumers who matter most. Mix and match over 40 demographic and behavioral traits, including favorite game genres, iOS/Android devices, and app store spending habits.  

"Within minutes, we have enough data to make extremely powerful decisions."

Lukas Mankow, AMZ Ventures

Know what sells before you sell it

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Get the players’ point of view

By polling players in your target market, you can make informed decisions at every stage of development. Which character do players prefer? What screenshots will motivate them to download? Which animation style will keep them engaged? Gamer feedback leads to better gaming experiences, increased retention, and higher revenues.

Replace guesswork with clarity. PickFu helps you get to the heart of what players want.

Move faster

A PickFu poll takes just minutes to set up. Then sit back and watch as results immediately begin rolling in.

Crowdsource the opinions of 50 to 500 gamers at a time and incorporate what they have to say the very same day. Perfect your character designs, screenshots, icons, and even in-game text, avoiding costly mistakes down the line.

 "I loved how easy it was to do my website design tests and get a clear winner, quickly and cost-effectively."

Eduardo Alarcon, Larcons Staffing

Save money

Get feedback at a fraction of the cost of traditional user tests. PickFu polls start at just $50, so even an indie developer can access the same invaluable insights as a megastudio. And, by making sure you’re headed in the right direction, you’ll not only save time and resources, but also build confidence in the market viability of your game.

"It's really a cheap and quick form of useful feedback."

Gabriel Weinberg, DuckDuckGo

Ready to harness the power of instant player feedback?

Market-test any aspect of your game with the exact players you want to attract. Let real players help you make decisions with confidence.


Case study: Beetroot Lab - Elza Rauda, Business Intelligence Specialist 

What motivated you to use PickFu?
"One of our international and highly experienced consultants offered PickFu as a fast way to get helpful insights. We tried PickFu and were pleasantly surprised by the wealth of information we can gather from it."

What have been some of the main learnings gathered from using PickFu?
"We have a character-fronted product, so it has been very valuable to see which of our characters people like more, what design aspects resonate with them, what parts they don’t find attractive, as well as general first impressions. Having these insights, we can later use them in our advertising efforts as well as in the game itself."

How did the PickFu results impact your game? 
"We were able to understand which visuals would be the most successful and make changes to bring those to the forefront and retire ones that have not been so successful.

After a series of polls and subsequent changes, we picked our game's icon based on the results from PickFu (as well as our own internal discussions, of course)."

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